We open 24 hours 365 days a year.

Yes, the rates include VAT.

Visa, & Master-Card, American Express,

By telephone 952 233 827 or 696 000 888 & 600 590 590.

The price of your reservation is maintained regardless of the changes that can be made in the prices of our website.

Yes, management fees of 5% for Visa, MasterCard and 8% for American express.

The modification of a reservation does not involve any additional cost, only the payment of the difference corresponding to the new period.

Starting from a minimum rate the daily cost is cheaper the longer the stay.

To modify your reservation you can contact by phone 952 233 827 or 696 000 888 & 600 590 590, or by email to info@malagaairportparking.com

A maximum of 24 hours from your request will receive a response.

Passenger cars, vans, motorcycles, auto-caravans and any type of vehicles. Upon request of availability and prices.

Malaga Airport Parking will be responsible for any damage that your staff can produce to your vehicle, paying for the repair costs. You must indicate any incidents before taking the car from our facilities.

All vehicles deposited are guaranteed against theft or fire by means of the civil liability policy with the company Allianz.

Our Facilities are located just over one kilometer from the Departures terminal.

Yes, we only accept vehicles with reservation.

No, the payment can be made in cash or Card, at the reception of the same by our staff.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day and if you suffer any delays do not worry, call our customer service telephone numbers and we will deal with any Eventuality.

At the "T2" exit terminal, our representative waits for you to pick up your vehicle, in the zone enabled for "downhill" passengers.

In the Cruise Terminal, just in the temporary car parks of maximum 30m.

At the main entrance of the "María Zambrano" Ave Station. It is directed to the area of ​​Rise and fall of passengers that is in the right side.

Our rates decrease the longer the duration of your reservation. We review all market rates to ensure a competitive price at any time.

If your trip is longer, you can rest easy, your car will remain equally secure in our facilities until your return. Then he would pay the number of Additional days, applying the current daily rate.

The vehicles deposited can be moved inside the facilities by the staff of Malaga Airport Parking, depending on the needs of places, organization and services. EXCLUSIVELY, in the event that the client authorizes that his vehicle be taken to carry out any repairs in the workshop, ITV revision or another, it may be transferred if the client so requests.

If you want us to return your vehicle to another person, you must provide us with a document in which you authorize the removal of your vehicle, indicating the personal information of the person who will pick up the vehicle and returning it and signing the document.

We offer you the best service at the best price in the Airport without forgetting professionalism & quality of our service.

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